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Daylight lamp IR camera

infrared camera daylight lamp
In the impression of most people, the invisible ink marks on the playing cards are made by printer. Because they can see the marked cards printer for sale on the menu bar. But today, we want to give y...

Stable infrared camera daylight lamp

special camera for IR marked deck
IR lens is also called infrared lens, which uses a special optical glass material, and the latest optical design methods to eliminate the visible and infrared light focal plane offset, to let you see ...

Ceiling lamp infrared poker lens

ceiling lamp IR camera
All the invisible marks of IR secret juiced cards are hidden on the back. So, if we want to see the covered marks with the IR camera, the position of you hidden the infrared poker camera is needed to ...

CCTV infrared poker cards camera

infrared marks cards trick camera
Cradle head play a big role in taking picture. It can Control the camera Omni-directional angle to facilitate shooting at different angles. So, to maximize the range of the working distance and read t...

Emergency lamp IR lens

IR camera to see hidden marks poker
IR marked cards just has one type of way to cover the marks, and that is printed on the back of the playing cards. So IR marked deck is also called back marked juiced cards. And to see the ultimate ma...

Wall frame photo lamp IR camera

IR camera for backside marking playing cards
People will decorate their home and shop with wall paintings to make people have the visual enjoyment, and many poker club and private casino as well. People who has desire for something, he will thin...

Smoke alarm infrared marked cards lens

infrared light camera to see cheating marked cards
I know that in America, many places will install smoke detectors, such as home, school and some poker club. So, it is ordinary seeing smoke detectors in these places. After testing, we produced the s...

Air conditioning infrared marked cards lens

infrared camera for marked playing cards
I think air conditioning is the best cover to hide IR marked cards camera. There is an infrared receiver for its own remote controller, so we can take use of this infrared receiver to install the juic...

Sound box infrared playing cards camera

IR cheating poker camera
Sound box is one kind of music speaker. You can enjoy the music with it, and you can also win the poker battle with it. How you win? If you can see all the playing cards on poker table and the cards o...

Far distance IR marked deck

Royal marked cards
Everyone has their own dreams. The dream of poker player is to win the game and become the successful poker player. So some smart people try to invent marked cards to help players to their dream come ...

Special IR poker mnipotent IR camera

omnipotent IR marked decks lens
Omnipotent 360 degree infrared camera is more advanced than cradle head juiced marked cards camera. It can read the undetectable IR marked decks while the cradle head juiced marked cards camera is not...

Wall frame painting IR lens

wall painting with IR marked cards camera
3D painting is not only can decorate your room, offering the visual enjoyment, but also can help you win in the poker game. How does it help you win your game? Let me take an example with 3D wall pain...

IR3 wall frame painting zoom lens

wall frame photo IR3 camera
If you are going to rent a place as your private poker room, then, please read the words below. It would help you more than you think. To say the most important thing first, this three-dimensional wa...

Air condition IR camera for juice decks

air condition spy camera for playing cards marked deck
It is very common for us to see the air conditioning in casino and private clubs. Here we assemble a concealable mini infrared camera inside of this air conditioning, so that this camera lens capable ...

Light lamp poker card scanners

light lamp poker camera with marked poker cards instructions
With the rapidly development of technology and society, there are more and more people would like to use the light lamp in private clubs, texas holdem and magic show. We install a concealable infrare...

Clock infrared camera

Clock poker infrared camera
The classical clock poker infrared camera is a wide range distance camera to detect the infrared invisible ink marked playing cards. And this classical clock poker predictor is a kind of hot sale anti...