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Wall frame photo lamp IR camera

IR camera for backside marking playing cards
People will decorate their home and shop with wall paintings to make people have the visual enjoyment, and many poker club and private casino as well. People who has desire for something, he will thin...

Air conditioning infrared marked cards lens

infrared camera for marked playing cards
I think air conditioning is the best cover to hide IR marked cards camera. There is an infrared receiver for its own remote controller, so we can take use of this infrared receiver to install the juic...

Wall frame painting IR lens

wall painting with IR marked cards camera
3D painting is not only can decorate your room, offering the visual enjoyment, but also can help you win in the poker game. How does it help you win your game? Let me take an example with 3D wall pain...

IR3 wall frame painting zoom lens

wall frame photo IR3 camera
If you are going to rent a place as your private poker room, then, please read the words below. It would help you more than you think. To say the most important thing first, this three-dimensional wa...

Clock infrared camera

Clock poker infrared camera
The classical clock poker infrared camera is a wide range distance camera to detect the infrared invisible ink marked playing cards. And this classical clock poker predictor is a kind of hot sale anti...