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X Ray Contact Lenses

X Ray Contact Lenses
How to use the luminous ink X Ray contact lenses to read the invisible marking on back of marked playing cards? Here we are willing to make the brief introduction of Xray contact lenses for you. Desc...

Luminous ink cards contact

unique ink contact lenses
The professional luminous ink contact lens is used as the reader for the specific playing cards and dominos, it can not see through the common decks, only can see through the marked playing cards and ...

Infrared poker contact lens

professional marked cards contact lens
Some people doubt that the infrared poker contact lenses is really working? As a professional marked cards manufacturer, I promise that the infrared contact lenses for playing cards and dominos are re...

luminous infrared contact lenses

pupil size small diameter IR contact lenses
Do you want to make a perfect magic show before your friends or perform perfect in the poker game? Have you used playing cards marked deck? Do you want to know the suits and numbers of the cards when ...