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CVK 350 poker analyzer

CVK 350 poker analyzer to see barcode ink

CVK 350 poker scanning system, is a superb anti-poker cheating device for many professional poker players. Since we produced this CVK 350 poker analyzer, a majority of regular customer prefer to take advantage of it to keep from being cheated by others in casino game. Once you use this CVK 350 poker analyzer device, it will not let you down as this poker cheating software can offer you the best poker hand statistics in the first time.
Program setting of CVK 350 poker analyzer:
There is built-in HD camera lens inside of CVK 350 poker analyzer, so that this camera lens can be used for scanning the barcode marked playing cards very well within 0.1 second for you. Our CVK 350 poker analyzer can work together with spy earpiece Bluetooth, poker scanning camera well.
Long scanning distance of CVK 350 poker cheat software:
In order to keep our CVK 350 analyzer with a large range scale, we have processed the scanning distance extend to 48cm. For this advantage, you can place this CVK 350 poker analyzer in a long distance position.
Capable for working together with various kind of scanning camera:
This awesome CVK 350 poker range calculator can work with different kinds of poker scanner like the ashtray poker scanning system, daylight lamp poker scanner, ceiling poker scanner and so on. All those anti-poker cheating devices can be supplied by us for you.


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  • Content:price the marked cards contact lenses.
  • Reply:Thank you for your inquiry of contact lenses, we have sent you the message by email. Please check it and feel free to contact me. Have a good day. 
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  • Content:How much is the copag marke cards?
  • Reply:We have sent you the price of copag marked cards by whatsapp, please check.
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  • Content:How to send order for marked cards?
  • Reply:We have sent message on whatsapp for instruction how to order the marked cards.
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  • Content:what is the price of the perspective contact lenses and paired marked cards
  • Reply:please advise your contact way for sending the price and info for the contact lenses and marking cards
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  • Content:I want to buy the marked cards and contact lenses, how to order?
  • Reply:please advise your whatsapp account, then we can send the price with picture for marked cards and contact lenses.


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