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Poker analysis software in CVK 350C analyzer

CVK 350C poker analyzer reader to cheat at poker

The latest poker predictor device that our company promoted is called CVK 350C poker analyzer and it’s shape looking like a smart phone. So how do we get the poker game result? The answer is the analysis software.
The analysis software of the CVK 350C analyzer mainly have 3 remarkable characteristics as the below.
Firstly,this software pre-store hundreds of poker game model in the analyzer device,such as Omaha ,Texas holdem,Baccarat and other games. But all of this games you just can choose three types you often played.
Secondly,you can get the poker information by four ways. The first one is by shaking you watch to remind you. The second one is through the time of your analyzer device to tell you who is the winner. Third is show your the image of the poker. And the last you need to match with the mini bluetooth earplugs,which you can hear the first winner and the second winners. All of these ways can get the results at a very quick time.
Thirdly,you can charge the battery directly,and it can be in standby about 2 to 3 hours.
This software is so powerful that made the CVK 350C becoming the more popular analyzer device. If you are interested in this equipment,just leave the message to me .


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  • Content:price the marked cards contact lenses.
  • Reply:Thank you for your inquiry of contact lenses, we have sent you the message by email. Please check it and feel free to contact me. Have a good day. 
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  • Content:How much is the copag marke cards?
  • Reply:We have sent you the price of copag marked cards by whatsapp, please check.
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  • Content:How to send order for marked cards?
  • Reply:We have sent message on whatsapp for instruction how to order the marked cards.
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  • Content:what is the price of the perspective contact lenses and paired marked cards
  • Reply:please advise your contact way for sending the price and info for the contact lenses and marking cards
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  • Content:I want to buy the marked cards and contact lenses, how to order?
  • Reply:please advise your whatsapp account, then we can send the price with picture for marked cards and contact lenses.


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