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Playing cards cheating device in china for omaha poker analyzer

Where to buy the playing marked cards poker analyzer for Omaha game or magic show? If you mention this question, we will ask you to choose our Omaha poker analyzer device. There are various kinds of cheap poker analyzers in our store.
Product description
1.with a built-in dual lens inside this poker analyzer. Thus it is very safe for poker player to use it and there nobody can find this untold poker secret.
2. It can report the poker result after reading the deck of cards quickly and accurately, so that can save more time and there are enough time for you.
3. This poker card analyzer comes with four colors for customers' choice: white, black, golden and dark blue. Or other custom color is accepted by us.

Customer Questions & Answers
Question: How much will it cost about this poker analyzer?
Answer: Different types of poker analyzer with different price. But all of them are good quality.
Question: How to use this poker card analyzer?
Answer: You just need to use this analyzer to focus on invisible ink mark barcode playing cards, then you can know the poker result.
Question: Do you sell the best poker analyzer device?
Answer: We are specialize in producing high quality anti-poker cheating device for many years. So we must supply you the awesome playing cards cheating devices for you.


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  • Content:price the marked cards contact lenses.
  • Reply:Thank you for your inquiry of contact lenses, we have sent you the message by email. Please check it and feel free to contact me. Have a good day. 
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  • Content:How much is the copag marke cards?
  • Reply:We have sent you the price of copag marked cards by whatsapp, please check.
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  • Content:How to send order for marked cards?
  • Reply:We have sent message on whatsapp for instruction how to order the marked cards.
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  • Content:what is the price of the perspective contact lenses and paired marked cards
  • Reply:please advise your contact way for sending the price and info for the contact lenses and marking cards
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  • Content:I want to buy the marked cards and contact lenses, how to order?
  • Reply:please advise your whatsapp account, then we can send the price with picture for marked cards and contact lenses.


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