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AKK poker analyzer price

Samsung AKK poker table scanner with mini spy camera

Poker analyzer is widely used in different poker game in order to have much fun from texas holdem poker game. While Samsung AKK analyzer is even better. The specific information about Samsung AKK texas holdem odds calculator is as below.
1. Capable for predicting barcode marked playing cards no matter in day light or night light. Besides this, our Samsung AKK poker range calculator can analyze the bar code deck of cards in a scanning distance range of 25-48cm in height and 32cm in width.
2. With a fantastic, exquisite and fashionable appearance design based on modern Sumsung cell phone model. No matter what style of Samsung AKK poker analyzer device you want, all we can supply for you.
3. A mini size built-in camera lens was fixed inside of Samsung AKK. Due to the concealment of mini size camera lens, other professional poker players can not find any flaw about this poker cheating tool. And we fixed fingerprint identification system on this poker analyzer, so that it can be controlled easier.
4. Multi function of Samsung AKK poker odds calculator holdem. It not only can be used as a poker winner predictor which scan barcode luminous marked cards, but also can used as normal cell phone to make phone call, send message and download music.
5. Capable for working together with various types of poker scanner, such as ceiling lamp poker scanner, ashtray poker scanning camera, e-cigarette spy camera and so many other playing card scanner app.
6. Suitable for Texas Hold'em poker game, Omaha card game, Indian Flush game, private club game, baccarat game and etc..


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  • Content:price the marked cards contact lenses.
  • Reply:Thank you for your inquiry of contact lenses, we have sent you the message by email. Please check it and feel free to contact me. Have a good day. 
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  • Content:How much is the copag marke cards?
  • Reply:We have sent you the price of copag marked cards by whatsapp, please check.
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  • Reply:We have sent message on whatsapp for instruction how to order the marked cards.
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  • Content:what is the price of the perspective contact lenses and paired marked cards
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  • Content:I want to buy the marked cards and contact lenses, how to order?
  • Reply:please advise your whatsapp account, then we can send the price with picture for marked cards and contact lenses.


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