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When you use the iPhone cellphone to answer a phone call, you may think about if there is any further thing that the iPhone can do for you. Yes, you can bring the iPhone smart phone to the Texas holdem poker table. It is normal thing when you take out a iPhone and put it on the poker table. No body will curious about if the iPhone can do any thing to cheat in the Texas Holdem game.

But the truth is that some poker technician use the poker high technical and coded some kind of poker cheating software, and upload it inside the iPhone, make the iPhone become a Texas holdem odds calculator device. It can work with the poker table scanner to trace the invisible ink barcode mark on the side of the playing cards, this way can differ the cheat decks from the regular playing cards. It is a good way to avoid be cheated by others.

For this iPhone poker analyzer for sale, normally you should by a whole set including the playing cards scanner, wireless earpiece and marked cards. With this whole poker scanning system, you can be the master on the poker table, especially for the Texas holdem.




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