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Poker chips

Poker chips
13.5 gram heavy weighted Double Suit clay poker chips made of high quality clay composite material. These chips are some of the heaviest chips available on the market and have the ultimate touch and f...

Black plastic chip tray

Black plastic chip tray
Row molded chip tray holds 450 chips which is made of thick ABS plastic. Have room for up to casino-sized 450 chips in this rugged ABS Composite chip tray. • 9 rows which hold up to 50 chips e...

Poker card shuffler

Poker card shuffler
Still shuffle the cards with your own hands? Come on. Here we have a helper for you! Shuffle two card decks with one push of a button. The one-touch automatic card shuffler perfectly shuffles up to...

Black Jack shoe

Black Jack shoe
The blackjack dealing shoes are used to hold the cards that the players and dealer will receive. The blackjack shoes are constructed with a thick high quality acrylic material. This 6 Deck Blackjack D...


This jamming device can block all bugs, mobile phone, wi-fi tech, GPS, bluetooth, remote controls etc. It is definite a good tool for self-defence in gamble or private game. Our jammer is of high q...


A traditional dice is an often rounded cube, with each of its six faces showing a different number (pips) from 1–6. The design as a whole is aimed at the die providing a randomly determined inte...

Spy Earpiece

spy earpiece
Never look down upon on a small earpiece. It is of great importance in any poker scanning system. We can offer you the earpieces of high quality for the scanning system and camera. They are so careful...

bluetooth earpiece for analyzer

spy earpiece for analyzer in texas holdem poker
At present, we have launched out a style of latest wireless spy earpiece for poker analyzer device. Do you know the function of micro earpiece Bluetooth? Our hidden bluetooth earpiece can be used for ...

Wireless spy earpiece

poker trick wireless spy earpiece
Normalmente, todos os tipos de analisador de poker dispositivo pode falar o resultado do vencedor por si só. Mas durante o jogo de poker, se o calculadora ímpar do poker fala as mãos vencedoras alto, ...

Invisible ink poker printer

Marked cards printer
Wondering how the high-tech poker printer to custom playing cards front and back? This high efficient poker printer can printer ink dry instantly on the poker cards no matter plastic poker cards or pa...

Universal charger for poker analyzer

universal charger price for poker analyzer cell phone
How does the universal charger for poker analyzer iPhone and spy camera poker cheating devices? If you want to keep your compatible battery powered and ready for use with this universal charger that...

Invisible luminous pen

Invisible Ink Pen
How to mark cards with an invisible luminous pen? There are magic polarized ink pen in our company that can help you mark the card marking ink on the back of poker cards clearly and easily. Marking th...

Invisible ink

How to mark invisible ink on playing cards
 Have you used the playing cards invisible ink to mark card marking ink on back of your poker cards? Do you know the feature of juiced deck luminous invisible ink? Here we are strongly recommend ...

Micro bluetooth earpiece for analyzer

spy earpiece and microphone for poker analyzer
We have processed the latest micro bluetooth earpiece for poker analyzer device. Our one to one micro bluetooth earpiece can be used to hear the poker game result from poker cards analyzers. As we kno...

Cheap mini earphone for analyzer

mini earphone for poker cheating device
Cheap mini earphone for analyzer is an essential poker cheating device for gaining poker game result from texas holdem poker game. If you want to get the best poker hand odds from casino game, our wir...

Invisible ink pen with glasses

how to mark cards with an invisible luminous pen
All we know that the best invisible ink pen contact lenses is suitable for marked cards which comes with the magic ink on back of deck. And there invisible ink marks was made with polarized ink pen. ...

Poker printer with polarizing ink

poker printer with bee premium playing cards
Maybe you know the magic invisible ink can be printed on the marked poker cards, but have you considered a best poker printer also can print the high quality marked cards poker? We have produced a g...

Custom design playing cards

Customer design playing cards
The personalized playing cards has been regarded as the playing cards cheating devices no matter in casino or Texas Holdem poker game. The custom playing cards deck are finely processed from high-qual...